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R & T Auto Repair was established in 1988 and from then on, we've been serving in all of Three Rivers and St. Joseph County areas. Drive down to our workshop or call us for more information on our services at 269-858-3056.

Reputable brake services

Premium Brake Services in Three Rivers, MI

You don't need to be involved in an accident to realize the importance of brakes in a car. It is one of the most important safety features a car can have, and to have it in perfect working condition is the least you can do, to ensure your safety as well as that of others while on the road. R & T Auto Repair offers high-grade brake services for your cars and trucks. Call us today at 269-858-3056.

Full-scale brake services

• Brake replacement

• Brakes full-service

• Brake repairs

• Brake shoe replacement

• Brake fuel replacement

• Brake rotor resurfacing

• Brake adjustments

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Along with complete auto repairs, we also have auto diagnostic services, tire services, HVAC services, and transmission and engine repairs. Call us today at

269-858-3056 to schedule your appointment.